Zeal Collective

Young adult ministry your passion? Hear from one of our leaders on how to make an impact in an up and coming generation



Do you love serving others? Making sure they have everything they need? Yeah? Then the hospitality team is for you!

Parking Lot

The first smiling faces our guests see when they visit. The parking lot team ensures smooth transitions between services, and watches our vehicles while service is in progress.

Early Childhood

“Train up a child in the way that he should go.” Zeal is a church of many young families. Serving on our early childhood team not only do you get to be around some amazing littles, you get to help guide them through scripture on what it means to live a Christ filled life from an early age.

Hosts Team

From greeters to ushers, the Hosts Team ensures that everyone coming through the doors on a Sunday morning are given the best experience possible.


Lights, Camera, Action! Our production team ensures our tech is fully functional during service. From lighting and audio, to cameras and presentations. This is a team where you can hone in your tech skills on a weekly basis

Zeal Youth

Are you looking to impact the next generation? Zeal Youth is your team. From middle to high school you will help guide these young people through life using a biblical world view.


Do you have a heart for opening your home to create community through groups? Look no further than the Z-Group team.

Life Safety

Life safety is a place where you can serve the community through creating a safe environment through monitoring what’s going on in the world around us.


Like serving behind the scenes? Everything you see on a Sunday morning is thanks to our amazing Set-Up Team. This team ensures that everything from kids classrooms to chairs are in the right places every week.