We exist to equip, train, and disciple men while providing a community and brotherhood that allows us to flourish in our faith.

The reports are dire.

Young and middle-aged men are lonely, with little to no close connections. Buzz words about the demise of guys are on the rise.

But this is where the church is meant to flourish.

At Zeal Church, we recognize the struggles many men face, whether that be career, relationships, friendships, sin patterns, loneliness, or the expectations and demands of family. We’re not meant to go it alone, but have a cohort of brothers to surround us through thick and thin, and that’s exactly what we’re building.

The Brotherhood gathers multiple times throughout the year and culminates with a retreat each fall. We provide the environment, Z-Groups, transparency, and authenticity to thrive in a post-modern world, while equipping men to grow in their faith walk.

But don’t just take our word for it. Ask the men at Zeal Church, because we think you’ll find the Brotherhood you’ve been looking for.

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